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Black Francis sings at Herman's Grave

This afternoon, Black Francis (better known as Pixies leadsinger Frank Black) gave a 'precore' performance at the Zorgvlied graveyard in Amsterdam, a couple of hours before his show in Melkweg. At the tomb of Herman Brood, he played four songs, some of them from his new album "Bluefinger", that is a hommage to Brood. He also played the Pixies classic "Where Is My Mind". I heard about the performance an hour in advance via Twitter and rushed to Zorgvlied with Kari-Anne. I shot some pictures and filmed two songs. One of them is on YouTube now. On the picture below, you see Black and his friends looking for Herman's grave. They were late for their own show.

Tags: amsterdam, black francis, frank black, graveyard, herman brood, melkweg, pixies, zorgvlied
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