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Anton Corbijn's Control

"If I only ever make one movie, Control would have to be it", Anton Corbijn said earlier this year. Today I could see for myself what he meant, and I'm convinced: Control is a real Corbijnesque movie, completely in line with his photo shoots and music videos for bands like U2, Nirvana and Depeche Mode. I really got depressed by just looking at Sam Riley playing the tormented lead singer Ian Curtis.

The black and white scenes of the poor British city Macclesfield are very impressive, just like the isolated shots of Curtis walking along in his long coat. You cannot feel no pity for Curtis, who is obviously struggling with his life. He committed suicide at the age of 23, being a father and a husband. This movie is not a pleaser, just like Joy Division's music itself. Great music, great movie.

Tags: anton corbijn, ian curtis, joy division, movie, sam riley
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